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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CROP for a fundraiser COMING SOON... check it out....

HI Ladies.  I have missed you all so.  So much has been going on between work, kids, vacations, Illnesses & holidays..  We haven't been able to play lately.

I wanted to let you know.. so you could mark your calendar...   Saturday, 5th Nov 2011 will be an awesome day.. NOT only because you can crop BUT you will be helping out an awesome non-profit organization that helps familes with children to young adults with disabilities. Families Together educates, assist families, is supportive and informative!   They are throughout the US BUT I am focusing on the Wichita office.
I personally attend enrichment weekends, various seminars BUT I am also a brand new Board Member.  I, and many of you know That we are parents with a child with a disability.. Jayden has Autism and with that comes so many issues and Families Together has helped us to understand, research and with much guidance for school and outreach areas to help and much much more!   all free.... 

SO... Where am I going with this..  :)  On Saturday, 5th Nov. here in Wichita (2nd & West st) We will be hosting our 1st Scrapbboking/cropping event.  All details are still in works and I promise to keep you in touch.  So I am asking you...
1 - are you interested?  cost is low and many benefits will be available that day..
2. Would you be willing to make a basket for a raffle something you make? sell? even a set of cards you make would be awesome.?    looking for giveaways too.  All of this is tax-deductible!

3. Do you have a business you'd like to promote?  you can set up, sell your products with a low cost of the table as well as donating a basket for the raffle.  Margo will be participating with the Vendors.  Brenda as a cropper.  and you??  perhaps you now someone.  Scentsy is on-board, possible Pampered Chef and a few more.

4. Are you or do you know some who is a digital scrapbooker???  We will have a space for a low cost for the day.

5.  Do you have left-overs, misc pieces you don't know what to do with, interested in cleaning up those odd n end pieces of scrapbooking..  We will have a table for these items.  Donations will be accepted for wanting these items.  got spare change.... 

6. Do you know someone with a Cricut Cake?? Imagine?? etc....  I am looking for them :)

more details... much more details to come BUT if you have any questions in the meantime, please e-mail me at  Perhaps you know someone who might be interested., give them my e-mail please. or text me at 316-706-2643

ALL monies donated (raffles, tables, etc..) will be going to FAMILIES TOGETHER to help so many families.  If you know of a family who has a child with a disability (ranging from ADHD to ......) please have them call Families Together here in Wichita at 316-945-7747 for more info

Miss you all.. Hope to hear from you :)