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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

learn how to draw faces on your paper dolls

check out this awesome site...  a video explaining how to draw awesome faces!

Monday, April 25, 2011

another giveaway.... for an awesome cartridge!

check out her site and enter to win...  an awesome cartridge!!

another give-a-away

Head over to this site to enter another awesome give-a-way.. This cartridge will soon (but not soon enough to Walmart with the Cricut Lite's)   while at this site.  Check out the other new releases!   I can't wait till they come to Walmart!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

ANOTHER site for Expression 2 Give-a-away!! OMG so excited!

This blog has been a favorite of mine and have told you as well of all the ideas, etc... as well as a link on the right side.  I actually won 2 cartridges on this site just for commenting! (last year of course)


so.. it can't hurt can it!!    check it out!!

NEW anniverary Expression 2 give-a-way!!

check this site out for a chance to win an expression 2.  premier is in a couple of days.....   This site..  Mixology Crafts is an awesome site!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

check out this blog and enter to win!!

I have entered to win this awesome Cricut Expression DVD A-Z and the cricut Bug Plushie..  I would LOVE to have both of these awesome products added to my Cricut family.....  If one of us win it - we could play it during our Cricut Swarm!!!

You CAN"T win if you don't enter!!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Are you looking for a great deal on purchasing a gypsy.. if yes.. then you must

check out  $99.00  Getting a Gypsy has been the best.  I love mine.  I know several of you have gotten a Gypsy in the last several months and hear you really like it.  I take mine everywhere and keep it charged!!  You never know.  Today, I came upon an accident that just happened. (47th exit south just before the toll) driver hit those big yellow garbage cas type at a construction area just before 47th..  I was getting my Gypsy out.  BUT it turned out that I and the truck before me, they let us through due to probably being in the way of the firetrucks.  Driver not hurt, but I think maybe been drinking, the way he was still in the car shaking the wheel of the car.   anywaysssss....  sorry for the long drawn story.. but I had my gypsy already  lol

BUT this sale of Gypsy is a good deal, I must say!

psss... pass this onto your friends. :)

good morning.. time for MAY Cricut Design Chick SWARM

May 14 & 15th... as usual. BUT I am hoping we get a few new ladies who I have given this website too.
so..       TIME: 13 May Friday fom 5pm to 9ish pm
                        14 May Saturday from 8am to 2pm

WHERE: Haysville Christian Church.  Corner of Grand Ave & Meridian  (across from Casey's)
                        One day or both days. Hope to see you!!  tell a friend!

BRING:   a snack to share and your own drink.  your extension cord.  your cricut and whatever you need to work on.

I am challenging you to make a project; any project and take a picture of it and bring me a copy or bring it in.  I would love to put it on our website.  bring any pertinent info needed in case others may want to re-create.  I made something awesome...  you will see it in the church when you come.  I will go ahead and post it on here too. it was fun making!

Can't wait to see you.!!  Any questions please comment here and I will get back with you.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

try and win cartridges.. why not! check out this site!

I hope I put this in correctly.  Check it out and enter - won't hurt!!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

TIPSY - a flexible stylus for your gypsy a must read :)

go to  and see the new blog she has about it and the link she has to it.  good info on it as well!!

 this site I will attach is a tipsy for your gypsy. it wrap around your finger and works on your gypsy.  i have broken my gypsy pointer due to the fact I have had a stroke (years ago) and have tendititis - I heard this TIPSY is a must.

so go to this site and pay shipping and handling  ($3.99) and get the tipsy.  I just ordered mine.