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Monday, January 31, 2011

christmas card listen to the Spirit

Listen to the Spirit.  this was the brand new lite cricut cartridge from Walmart's blitz day.    The cartridge used was Inspired Heart.  both the star enclosed in window and the words.  I embossed the star with silver embossing from Stampin up!   Paper used was from an old pack of Christmas packs from DCVW.  I inked around the edges with Silver ink pad.   Sorry the card was a little crooked when i scanned it in.  oops...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interested in borrowing a cartridge that you might need to use during.....

Post here if you are needing to borrow a cartridge on the weekend of 4-5 Feb. during our swarm.  perhaps another Swarm Chick has it and can be brought to the play date......

You can also leave a comment on cartridges that you own if you want... to let others know what you have.

see you soon!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

dates for FEB and MARCH swarm...

Friday, Feb 4  from 5pm to 9pm & Saturday, 5th from 8am to 2pm  picture taken on Saturday at noon

Friday, 5th March  & Saturday, 6th.   picture taken on Sat at noon

I hope with every month we enter the swarm that gets us closer to winning!!  That is why we have to take a picture each month....

Please pass this onto your friends, family who has a cricut or thinking about "wanting" or is "needing" a cricut...  we'd love to show them how much fun the CRICUT is!!
                              REMINDER:  MARCH SWAP;   2 different cards of any basic card you choose (get well, thinking of you, sympathy, just say hi, basic birthday, etc....)  make 8 cards of each design.  You MUST use your cricut on your card.  anything over that is up to you.     If you are planning to participate, please send me an e-mail   We will exchange cards on Saturday.   Please write down what cartridge (s) you use please and any pertinent info of interest..  (using SU, CTMH, CM, certain stamp set used, etc...) 

have a great day until we meet again...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

card swap for March

we (those at the Jan crop) voted on having a card swap for March.  We haven't gotten the date for our swarm yet BUT you will have 2 months to get these done.. if you choose to accept this mission (i mean challenge)  :)

THEME:   Make 2 different cards  any theme for any occassion  get well, general birthday, miss you, just saying hi, sympathy, etc.. 

HOW MANY: 8 cards per card

A good time to use up those scraps too...

CRICUT must be on the card BUT other than that anything goes.......  remember if you run out of red use blue...  don't stress about them being exact...

PLEASE write down what cartridge (s) you used please.   If you use a specific company please let us know that too.  (ctmh, su, cm, etc..)

IF you choose to accept this challenge... please let me know via e-mail that you are particpating. I don't need to know the theme.  (  if we get more than 8 participants.. we will have to make more.

Do you know someone who might like to participate???  pass the e-mail on

SWAPS are to be fun and cards to add to our collection so please don't stress.....  be creative, have fun and hope you participate :)

swarm pic for Jan 2011 and about our weekend (14-15 Jan 2011)

we had alot of fun this month just working on projects.  I should have taken pictures (someone remind me next month :) )  Brenda worked on valentine cards which was pretty.  Nancy worked on or shall I say was working on as we all learned something this weekend about making envelopes. (yeesh)  so much paper was wasted.. Sorry Nancy ;0.  But in the end she got it figured out and it was really pretty!  Margo worked on cards she is making for make n takes.  She got alot done!  Myself, Doris worked on well a couple of cards using the Gypsy download of  Smiley cartridge.  the trashcan using the peachy keen stamps.  i will copy when finished  (yup.. that's right.. i never really finished as I was to busy talking.)
hmmmm... What was rosemary working on... I can't remember. (sorry.... I should have visited more than just talking)  remind me please.....  BUT she made this really cool vinyl name on the back of her expression.  i will post it.    As usual...  we had alot of fun. munching on goodies and learning from one another.
Nancy, Doris, Brenda, Margo, Rosemary, Stacy
the purpose of this e-mail is about the SWARM picture we took.  lol (see how easy I get sidetracked)  It will be entered into the Swarm pictures and hoping (fingers crossed) we will win.  As mentioned.. every month we will take a picture to be entered into the SWARM drawing.  Who knows....

Nancy made this in November.  Isn't it pretty..  I am a little behind

Rosemary made this vinyl name and design using the Cartridge on the gypsy  (Gypsy font)  I love the look! 
NOTICE... the date on the picture of our group...  don't we look good for not aging......  What is up with my camera anyhow!! 

Now that I am up and running with the computer.  I will be adding pics of our christmas cards this week.  If you want me to add anything just e-mail me.

Till later.. I hope and Pray that you have a safe and healthy week.

Friday, January 7, 2011

swarm date for Jan 2011 ladies... are you ready...

Friday, 14 Jan 2011 5pm ish to 9:00pm  AND Saturday, 15 Jan 2011  8am to 2:00pm

We have been entered into the Cricut Swarm; therefore...  we must take a pic with our number they assign us.   We can take the pic at 12 noon on Saturday.

as usual.. Bring your drink, a snack to share, extension cord and all your cricut goodies.

I assumed that this month would be a good time to start making cards... whatever cards you choose.  I am going to try and get alot of birthday cards done for the next several months.  of course this doesn't mean you have to do cards...  What will you work on??

please pass this to your friends and family if they are interested in joining us for some fun.

I will bring the Peachy Keen stamps that Santa gave me and show you how they are used...

Do you have any new cricut 'toys" to show us...   Can't wait!! 

see you soon!

finally i am on-line update info

my what a month December was,,,  my computer crashed and then we lost internet just to finally discover that our wireless router was done with us...   I got for my birthday/mother day/whatver else my hubby can get away with... I have a laptop computer for the first time. 

getting it all together will be fun.  please be patient with me as I will get all of our last crop on the site.  Better late than never...  wouldn't you say!

i will send another e-mail in a few to remind you of the next Swarm and info..