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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swarm is less than a week away... oohhh... can't wait! Info too!

I trust everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends. AND then.... made it through Black Friday shopping... I for the first time went shopping (I worked for walmart for 15yrs and worked every black Friday) had very little money BUT we had fun. My friend Tiffany dragged... me out. well... Caffeine was my friend :0 LOL from 10:45pm to 6:45am.  OMG!! Was I tired!  I got my shopping done! Anyone get the new pretty expression or cartridges from Walmart??  The new Cricut lites are adorable!!  I got Inspired heart (religious based) and Jolly Holidays. I do believe will become my new fav...  and you???  ps... these are my Christmas presents  lol

SO.. We have less than a week and we get to play...  YEAH!!  Have you started gathering your Christmas goodies? got enough tape? stickers? stamps? ribbon? paper?.. would be good  (lol)  are you making your base card or purchasing the preplanned ones with envelopes?  me.. both!   (SEE..previous post for more ideas)

TIME:  Friday I will be there at 5pm  and 8ish on Saturday... My time to get it done...    so join me at any time...

I've started looking at my Christmas paper and getting ideas for what design I want to use.  So many cuts.. so little time.  LOL   Just look through your cartridges and start cutting a little at a time and putting them aside so you have a good head start.  (just a thought)  look at the library on and see what other cuts you like that "we" might have for you to use. OR look at the blogs for ideas.

Know anyone who would like to come and play with us??

DON'T forget... we are having our 1st swap of Christmas cards.  card for card...  Hope you will join us.  make 12. Write down what you used, please, for me as I will be posting them on the site...

PICTURES... Saturday at 2pm.  Asking my hubby to come in and take a pic.  Bring your camera if you want pics too. I will bring my Santa hat in if you will too...

BRING Christmas music if you have favorites... (if you have a multi disc changer.. can you bring it please). snack to share. We have a refrigerator to store your lunch... drinks, extension cord, and come dressed to get in the spirit of this great time of year!   ooohhh... I can't wait!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


YEAH!!!!  Nancy H. picked the correct answer for what I was using with the branches...   BUT here's the kicker for this contest.. I made up the rules and therefore can change them :) .. there will be 2 winners!! so... I'm not telling what the answer is. The next person to guess will also get a card.

PLEASE use the comment section for guesses and comments under each of the posting.  IF you are having trouble getting into the site and leaving comments... LET ME KNOW please.

okay... so whose the next lucky winner???  YEAH for Nancy.... (NOW Nancy.. don't tell anyone  LOL)  I will give you the card at our Dec. swap!  Congrat's

Where do you get your inspiration to make cards from?? mine..

comes from from many usual places.. so if your stuck for some inspiration I hope this this helps you

* magazines.. look at the colors, placement.. go with that

* go stand (take a drink) in front of the card aisle and just imagine what you could do with your cricut (because you know your cards are cuter anyhow...)  I've used my cell phone to take a pic if a certain card just WOW'd me....  (please don't tell..  lol)

* your computer/printer..(create your own patterned paper)  find a word or a few words that you may want to convey as the "message" or theme of the card and type it.. many times. each word you can change the size, font and highlight different words..  (ex: I did the word Merry Christmas many times on a piece of white cardstock. I made these words red, some green and a lot black. the word had many different fonts , some larger, some smaller..    I will use this as either as background on a card OR cut to size and will be my card..  THEN add a diecut, etc.. maybe punch the corners for a rounded look, and whalaa.. a card!

* with going with the above (printer/computer) pre ink your paper before putting it through the printer.. creates a neat look. get creative & use 2 or 3 colors.. (I do this for address labels)

* look through old scrapbook card magazines.. Look at the stickers, diecuts and even stamps.. What do you have (or someone else have) to replace it with a Cricut cartridges?

* How do you convey a message/title because you don't have that perfect saying??  1)hand write it yourself 2)type it on the computer and cut to size.  With all the fonts available on the computer and in stores as well as many of the independent companies (SU. CTMH, I think CM)  Lettering delights has MANY fonts and Creating Keepsakes...  Many offer free fonts. Google it too...

* Look at old cards you've received in the past..  Many ideas can come from this. 1) inspire a new idea 2) you can use the background of an old card and add a diecut , etc.. to create a new card!

* blog sites!!!  OMG!!  The cards you can find for inspirations are amazing! and with every site you visit, there is always more sites to link to..  I have given you o the left side lots of places to start.  EVERYDAY CRICUT  used to be Christmas with the cricut; therefore; look at older projects too.

* each other....  :) By coming to the SWARMS.. you can gain lots of inspirations! Participate in SWAPS..  Get an old file box, hat box and keep the cards you swap for future ideas.. I do this and/or I scan it into my computer with directions, etc...

What's you idea?? inspiration?  Share with us.....

good morning.. a fun drawing IF you can guess correctly! (21 Nov)

THE FIRST to correctly guess will be the winner.

IF you can guess what I am going to make as this card with this ONE HINT. I will make you an extra card.  This card is also my swap card we are having for the December Swap Swarm. (extra hint)

                tree branch

leave your comment below....  leave your name and/or e-mail so that I may notify you.
Drawing will end the 1st December unless you guess correctly :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NEED CHRISTMAS CARD IDEAS... Search no further

Okay.. well I encourage looking at other posts too  BUT I tell ya this post by Regina, who "retired" (to work on her own products) from this post (last Jan, I believe) was the awesomist... (yeah.. I know it's not a word but get the idea that I really liked it)  :)

FULL of Christmas card and project ideas!  Check it out!  I still do.

bittenbythebug    post to the link is to your right.

Monday, November 15, 2010

getting ready for our Christmas card weekend on the 3rd/4th Swarm! a few ideas...

After talking to a friend, I decided to give a few ideas for those who haven't really participated in a crop.  It can be frustrating to bring everything and feel like it's overwhelming..  (been there.. done that :)))

so.. let me share a few ideas that has helped me....      take it.. or  leave it... up to you :)

you have your Cricut, cartridges already so one of 2 things can happen...  1) you can pre-cut all your cricut die-cuts at home 2) get your paper and embellishments together ahead of time and put them in an....  individual baggie OR if all the same card look... in a larger ziplock baggie.  ( I have been known to pre-cut the paper ahead of time)  THEN you would have the weekend for cricut cuts and assembling.

** I like to write on a piece of paper inside the baggie what I want to use or the cricut to be used, etc..) or a picture of what you want to re-create, etc..  I forget sooooo easily!

remember "we" as in everyone else has other Cricut Winter/Christmas cartridges...    so if you don't have the cartridges already... get paper, etc together first.

need ideas:  check out the blogs that is listed on the right side.  I will bring a couple of card magazines too.

HAVE an open mind...  Look at cartridges that could be fun for a Christmas look...  ex: for a pet lover.. a pet and then find a santa hat and cut to fit..  a baby and how cute with a santa hat...  who said red/green &  silver/gold were the ONLY Christmas colors to use... get the idea..  :)

embellishments to remember for decorating:  stickles, chalk, ribbon, buttons, glitter, ink, black & white pen, markers, crayons, a lil' bling bling, cuttlebug for embossing, heat and dry embossing, stamps, brads, watercolor pens & markers, punches, stickers, rub-on's, liquid applique (perfect for snow & santa beard.  The list goes on......  do you use something I missed?? let us know...

DON'T forget:  if you are participating in the Christmas card swap.. make it simple if you want (mine will be)  MAKE 12 (you might have some left over.. but that's okay too)  We will exchange card for card on Saturday!   REMEMBER: envelope, 1 set of directions of items/cartridge used.  I will be posting your card and directions.

okay.. as usual.. I can get long winded (hey..i heard that LOL) and if you have anything to add.. share the wealth of knowledge and creativity!  (I'm so excited....)  oh yeah.. your favorite Christmas music!


CHRISTMAS cards inspirations starting... AND more news of NEW cartridges on BLACK FRIDAY

On the right side near the bottom of screen is a blog..  EVERYDAY CHRISTMAS

check it out, and not only are they starting now till Christmas giving card and project ideas BUT have great give-a-ways.  Winter Frolic cricut cartridge is this week.  I NEED (notice I didn't say "want" :)) this cartridge!!

AND....  word is from the posts..  WAL-MART is having NEW.. yeah.. NEW 20 Cricut Lite cartridges for $20.00 each on Black Friday 
Are you excited.. I am!  :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Smiley Icons for the Gypsy download that we just had. Cartridge was only available at this time for the Gypsy!

Those Icons for Smiley face are the cutest!!  There are 2 websites that have taken the time to cut every one of the cute cuts and download them for us to print. 

Remember my book I have.. well just added 2 more sheets to it!  Will be three after today as they will download all the words.   - Also badge on the right side     

BOTH sites have a give-a-way when you comment about these cute Icons.  Doesn't hurt to enter.

Take the time to explore their sites. They have great projects, videos, awesome give-a-ways, always up-to-date with info from Provo Craft.

  Cricut critters has a project making stars for her son's soup using the Cricut Cake.  (I so want this awesome machine)

Of course I will keep adding sites of great interest either here or on the right side of this fun blog.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

some vinyl projects to get you excited.. more projects you can see on CHECK IT OUT for more projects!!

Vinyl on your car window.  YOU could even add to your home and/or business windows too!

I decorated a plastic cheap bowl from the dollar store...

Put his name on a container for school.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A few Christmas cards from last year using the cricut

I used Child's Year Cricut cartridge.   paper, ink is from CTMH & glitter & silver twine is from SU.

Scroll is from Christmas Cheer Cricut cartridge.  all other supplies are from CTMH

Candy canes is from Joys of the Season cricut cartridge.  ribbon and the candy cane that is stamped (wooden stamp) is from Michaels bought years ago,  Stamp saying, & paper is from CTMH.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


FIRST SWAP... You can choose to participate or not.. no pressure :)

** Christmas Cards using the Cricut
** you choose size of card but please include an envelope
**make 12 identical Christmas Cards. (if you have extras's that will be yours to keep)
** YOU design card, your choice of colors, embellishments, etc. BE CREATIVE!!!
** Leave inside blank except for a saying pertaining to card

*** PLEASE note on separate paper: colors used, Cricut cartridge used, embellishments, etc.. this is a good reference for future dates or inspiration. I will enter this onto the blog with card.

WE WILL SWAP CARDS ON: Friday night during our evening SWARM with those who participated in swap

if you are going to participate for sure, let me know. Just in case we get more than 12 participates, I will let everyone know. And if you don't let me know.. that's okay too :)

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Anyone.. Do you know someone outside the SWARM who would like to participate.. yeah!! Let me know.

ALL cards created will be posted on the Blog with details of what is used.


It's official...  
Friday, 3rd Dec from 6:00pm to 9:30pm  AND Saturday, 4th Dec from 9:30am to 2:30pm

BRING:  supplies needed to make Christmas cards

extension cord

drink (s) for you and a snack to share.  There is a kitchen if you want to put something in the fridge for lunch.

Christmas music, sure to get us in the mood of the season.  I will bring a CD player.  IF you have a 2 or 3 disc player can you bring it.

I will lock the room for those who want to leave their supplies in the Church overnight.

Share this with friends who can come and play with us...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am so excited about our SWARM!!

I had so much fun last night and hope you did too.  

Please "register" as a follower.  This way whenever I add new info, etc you will get an e-mail about it. Providing that i do it right LOL

To the right will be a list of different sites that are of CRICUT interest.  If you come along a site please add it to the comments so we can see it too.  I then will add it to the right.

Please be patient with this site as I will continue to learn to make it cuter and will add info  of interest for all of us!!

CROP POEM found this poem from back in 2007

No kids or husbands, no cleaning to do
no cooking dinner, no laundry to sort through.
I gather my supplies and snacks to munch,
Got my glue, scissor and scrap paper to punch.

Crop 'til I drop, this is going to be great!
Tables lined up,
fabulous layouts and cards to create!
friends to chat with, lots of chocolate and caffeine.
I'll get so much done, Just call me the Scrappin' queen!

Time to pack? I knew it couldn't last!
Almost one layout and card completed,
time just flew by too fast!
Sign me up for the next time, So I can get more done,
'Cause scrapping with friends is just so much more fun!

Of course I added the "card" in there... So do you think we can come up with one that involves the Cricut?? Add your idea in the comments and we'll figure it all out later!