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Sunday, January 16, 2011

swarm pic for Jan 2011 and about our weekend (14-15 Jan 2011)

we had alot of fun this month just working on projects.  I should have taken pictures (someone remind me next month :) )  Brenda worked on valentine cards which was pretty.  Nancy worked on or shall I say was working on as we all learned something this weekend about making envelopes. (yeesh)  so much paper was wasted.. Sorry Nancy ;0.  But in the end she got it figured out and it was really pretty!  Margo worked on cards she is making for make n takes.  She got alot done!  Myself, Doris worked on well a couple of cards using the Gypsy download of  Smiley cartridge.  the trashcan using the peachy keen stamps.  i will copy when finished  (yup.. that's right.. i never really finished as I was to busy talking.)
hmmmm... What was rosemary working on... I can't remember. (sorry.... I should have visited more than just talking)  remind me please.....  BUT she made this really cool vinyl name on the back of her expression.  i will post it.    As usual...  we had alot of fun. munching on goodies and learning from one another.
Nancy, Doris, Brenda, Margo, Rosemary, Stacy
the purpose of this e-mail is about the SWARM picture we took.  lol (see how easy I get sidetracked)  It will be entered into the Swarm pictures and hoping (fingers crossed) we will win.  As mentioned.. every month we will take a picture to be entered into the SWARM drawing.  Who knows....

Nancy made this in November.  Isn't it pretty..  I am a little behind

Rosemary made this vinyl name and design using the Cartridge on the gypsy  (Gypsy font)  I love the look! 
NOTICE... the date on the picture of our group...  don't we look good for not aging......  What is up with my camera anyhow!! 

Now that I am up and running with the computer.  I will be adding pics of our christmas cards this week.  If you want me to add anything just e-mail me.

Till later.. I hope and Pray that you have a safe and healthy week.

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