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Monday, April 11, 2011

Are you looking for a great deal on purchasing a gypsy.. if yes.. then you must

check out  $99.00  Getting a Gypsy has been the best.  I love mine.  I know several of you have gotten a Gypsy in the last several months and hear you really like it.  I take mine everywhere and keep it charged!!  You never know.  Today, I came upon an accident that just happened. (47th exit south just before the toll) driver hit those big yellow garbage cas type at a construction area just before 47th..  I was getting my Gypsy out.  BUT it turned out that I and the truck before me, they let us through due to probably being in the way of the firetrucks.  Driver not hurt, but I think maybe been drinking, the way he was still in the car shaking the wheel of the car.   anywaysssss....  sorry for the long drawn story.. but I had my gypsy already  lol

BUT this sale of Gypsy is a good deal, I must say!

psss... pass this onto your friends. :)


  1. gypsy ready lady! i like that. i love my g too. and i would recommended to any cricut lover.

    hope you had fun on the hop. i finally got here. you must know i am on a mission, lol.

    hugs, and have a great sunny day!

  2. Hi, there! Thanks for visiting with me for the "It's A Basket Case" blog hop -- wasn't it fun?!!! Thanks for becoming a follower too and joining my little family. Always make yourself at home when you visit because you are!!!

    I'll be back soon too as I'm also following you, and I'll be checking out your other blogs when I can!

    I'll be seeing you!