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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Matthew 25;40 vinyl on wall....

Plantin Schoolbook was used.  I planned it out on my Gypsy on a 12x24 mat.  I used the black vinyl.

I pulled the excess vinyl off (picture below).  Go slow.....  weeding is then next.  I actually cut out the excess vinyl (before peeling off) as this gives me some extra vinyl for smaller projects.

see all this extra vinyl that was pulled off...  it's so sticky! making sure that the sticky vinyl is AWAY from your current project.  hint.. hint..

UP.. up.. up.. on the wall the vinyl saying went....  I still have the transfer tape attached to the vinyl saying.  

see.. I'm still up there.  pull the transfer tape off very slowly.  have a credit card or use your fingers to rub the transfer tape.   take your time....

all done.  Aren't these words of Jesus beautiful!
WEEDING:  is taking the vinyl off your project (slowly) and then taking either a small needle, or any small pointy object and pulling all the extra vinyl from in between the letters 9a,'s, o,'s etc..)

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