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Thursday, March 3, 2011

good morning... just some info to share

the cards sent to you yesterday via here were previews to the card swap that we are doing.  I love Rosemary's cards!!  The exchange will be done this weekend.  I would like to do the exchange Friday night.  BUT if you are unable to be there but have cards..  I will collect them and  share.  I know there are several of us that are going to SWAP...    don't forget the instructions so that I can post them.

Tomorrow night.. 4th Friday from 5 to 9:00.  I will be there a lil early so come play and/or visit.  I enjoy seeing you this time of month for I don't get to much during the rest of the days.  ;(
Bring a snack to share and remember you can leave your "stuff" till Saturday.  The room is locked after we leave.

I am thinking I would like to take the picture on Friday night for the swarm drawing.  perhaps one of Saturday too... 

Saturday.. 8am to 2.   Hope to spend some learning.  I do have a couple of things I learned about the Gypsy.. So I would love to tell you about it!!

Hope to see you soon.  :)


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