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Sunday, November 7, 2010


FIRST SWAP... You can choose to participate or not.. no pressure :)

** Christmas Cards using the Cricut
** you choose size of card but please include an envelope
**make 12 identical Christmas Cards. (if you have extras's that will be yours to keep)
** YOU design card, your choice of colors, embellishments, etc. BE CREATIVE!!!
** Leave inside blank except for a saying pertaining to card

*** PLEASE note on separate paper: colors used, Cricut cartridge used, embellishments, etc.. this is a good reference for future dates or inspiration. I will enter this onto the blog with card.

WE WILL SWAP CARDS ON: Friday night during our evening SWARM with those who participated in swap

if you are going to participate for sure, let me know. Just in case we get more than 12 participates, I will let everyone know. And if you don't let me know.. that's okay too :)

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Anyone.. Do you know someone outside the SWARM who would like to participate.. yeah!! Let me know.

ALL cards created will be posted on the Blog with details of what is used.

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