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Friday, November 12, 2010

Smiley Icons for the Gypsy download that we just had. Cartridge was only available at this time for the Gypsy!

Those Icons for Smiley face are the cutest!!  There are 2 websites that have taken the time to cut every one of the cute cuts and download them for us to print. 

Remember my book I have.. well just added 2 more sheets to it!  Will be three after today as they will download all the words.   - Also badge on the right side     

BOTH sites have a give-a-way when you comment about these cute Icons.  Doesn't hurt to enter.

Take the time to explore their sites. They have great projects, videos, awesome give-a-ways, always up-to-date with info from Provo Craft.

  Cricut critters has a project making stars for her son's soup using the Cricut Cake.  (I so want this awesome machine)

Of course I will keep adding sites of great interest either here or on the right side of this fun blog.

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