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Saturday, November 6, 2010

CROP POEM found this poem from back in 2007

No kids or husbands, no cleaning to do
no cooking dinner, no laundry to sort through.
I gather my supplies and snacks to munch,
Got my glue, scissor and scrap paper to punch.

Crop 'til I drop, this is going to be great!
Tables lined up,
fabulous layouts and cards to create!
friends to chat with, lots of chocolate and caffeine.
I'll get so much done, Just call me the Scrappin' queen!

Time to pack? I knew it couldn't last!
Almost one layout and card completed,
time just flew by too fast!
Sign me up for the next time, So I can get more done,
'Cause scrapping with friends is just so much more fun!

Of course I added the "card" in there... So do you think we can come up with one that involves the Cricut?? Add your idea in the comments and we'll figure it all out later!

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