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Monday, November 15, 2010

getting ready for our Christmas card weekend on the 3rd/4th Swarm! a few ideas...

After talking to a friend, I decided to give a few ideas for those who haven't really participated in a crop.  It can be frustrating to bring everything and feel like it's overwhelming..  (been there.. done that :)))

so.. let me share a few ideas that has helped me....      take it.. or  leave it... up to you :)

you have your Cricut, cartridges already so one of 2 things can happen...  1) you can pre-cut all your cricut die-cuts at home 2) get your paper and embellishments together ahead of time and put them in an....  individual baggie OR if all the same card look... in a larger ziplock baggie.  ( I have been known to pre-cut the paper ahead of time)  THEN you would have the weekend for cricut cuts and assembling.

** I like to write on a piece of paper inside the baggie what I want to use or the cricut to be used, etc..) or a picture of what you want to re-create, etc..  I forget sooooo easily!

remember "we" as in everyone else has other Cricut Winter/Christmas cartridges...    so if you don't have the cartridges already... get paper, etc together first.

need ideas:  check out the blogs that is listed on the right side.  I will bring a couple of card magazines too.

HAVE an open mind...  Look at cartridges that could be fun for a Christmas look...  ex: for a pet lover.. a pet and then find a santa hat and cut to fit..  a baby and how cute with a santa hat...  who said red/green &  silver/gold were the ONLY Christmas colors to use... get the idea..  :)

embellishments to remember for decorating:  stickles, chalk, ribbon, buttons, glitter, ink, black & white pen, markers, crayons, a lil' bling bling, cuttlebug for embossing, heat and dry embossing, stamps, brads, watercolor pens & markers, punches, stickers, rub-on's, liquid applique (perfect for snow & santa beard.  The list goes on......  do you use something I missed?? let us know...

DON'T forget:  if you are participating in the Christmas card swap.. make it simple if you want (mine will be)  MAKE 12 (you might have some left over.. but that's okay too)  We will exchange card for card on Saturday!   REMEMBER: envelope, 1 set of directions of items/cartridge used.  I will be posting your card and directions.

okay.. as usual.. I can get long winded (hey..i heard that LOL) and if you have anything to add.. share the wealth of knowledge and creativity!  (I'm so excited....)  oh yeah.. your favorite Christmas music!


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