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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where do you get your inspiration to make cards from?? mine..

comes from from many usual places.. so if your stuck for some inspiration I hope this this helps you

* magazines.. look at the colors, placement.. go with that

* go stand (take a drink) in front of the card aisle and just imagine what you could do with your cricut (because you know your cards are cuter anyhow...)  I've used my cell phone to take a pic if a certain card just WOW'd me....  (please don't tell..  lol)

* your computer/printer..(create your own patterned paper)  find a word or a few words that you may want to convey as the "message" or theme of the card and type it.. many times. each word you can change the size, font and highlight different words..  (ex: I did the word Merry Christmas many times on a piece of white cardstock. I made these words red, some green and a lot black. the word had many different fonts , some larger, some smaller..    I will use this as either as background on a card OR cut to size and will be my card..  THEN add a diecut, etc.. maybe punch the corners for a rounded look, and whalaa.. a card!

* with going with the above (printer/computer) pre ink your paper before putting it through the printer.. creates a neat look. get creative & use 2 or 3 colors.. (I do this for address labels)

* look through old scrapbook card magazines.. Look at the stickers, diecuts and even stamps.. What do you have (or someone else have) to replace it with a Cricut cartridges?

* How do you convey a message/title because you don't have that perfect saying??  1)hand write it yourself 2)type it on the computer and cut to size.  With all the fonts available on the computer and in stores as well as many of the independent companies (SU. CTMH, I think CM)  Lettering delights has MANY fonts and Creating Keepsakes...  Many offer free fonts. Google it too...

* Look at old cards you've received in the past..  Many ideas can come from this. 1) inspire a new idea 2) you can use the background of an old card and add a diecut , etc.. to create a new card!

* blog sites!!!  OMG!!  The cards you can find for inspirations are amazing! and with every site you visit, there is always more sites to link to..  I have given you o the left side lots of places to start.  EVERYDAY CRICUT  used to be Christmas with the cricut; therefore; look at older projects too.

* each other....  :) By coming to the SWARMS.. you can gain lots of inspirations! Participate in SWAPS..  Get an old file box, hat box and keep the cards you swap for future ideas.. I do this and/or I scan it into my computer with directions, etc...

What's you idea?? inspiration?  Share with us.....

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